Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone offers urban adventure and entertainment in California

Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone offers urban entertainment

ANALYSIS/OPINION Say it with me: It’s not Funkytown, it’s the Funk Zone. From the Stearns Wharf pier to State Street, from the oceanfront to the perching Santa Ynez Mountains and their awaiting vineyards, Santa Barbara, California, is the veritable apogee of the Golden State promise, with all of California’s coastal advantages and few drawbacks – save… Continue reading


California’s Wine Country – Travel tips, whether or not you love wine

Escaping the Midwest

If you love wine, you must visit wine country.  Take a couple of days to relax, enjoy the beautiful countryside, and just drink wine! 


Everyone always wants to know what the best time is to visit.  It really depends on what experience you are looking for.  Most people want to come for harvest.  So mid-September through October, Sonoma and Napa are full of tourists.  Obviously, harvest is a fun time to go – you see colorful foliage, witness bunches of ripe grapes on the vines, there’s more activity on the vineyard grounds, and the weather is nicer.  If you are okay with crowds, it’s a beautiful time to go.  I, on the other hand, try to avoid crowds, so we visited during the quiet off-season.


I was able to visit Sonoma a few years ago in February.  The weather was rainy and unpredictable, but the 50 degree weather was far better than…

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