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winetour Do you know which wine best pairs with fish? What’s your favorite local vineyard? If you don’t know the answers to those questions, it might be time to educate yourself.

February 13 through 15, raise a glass to viticulture at the 15th annual Washington D.C. International Wine & Food Festival, where you’ll be able to indulge in tastings, food pairings and take a class in wine. Mingle with chefs, winemakers, and learn about wine culture in the DC Metropolitan Area and beyond. If you’d like the chance to improve your palate, take a wine tasting course led by experts. Saturday, take yourself on an international trip with a wine club tasting, where you’ll sample over 100 wines from around the world.

Grapes image Virginia VineyardsWhat’s the best way to enjoy the Wine and Food Festival? With a ride from Fleet Transportation, of course!

With our expert chauffeurs behind the wheel…

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Why the Saumur Wine Producing Cooperative was re-branded “ROBERT ET MARCEL”

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The new label of the Saumur wine co-operative The new label of the Saumur wine cooperative

The ‘Caves des Vignerons de Saumur’, Route de Samoussay, Saint-Cyr-en-Bourg   is the Saumur Cooperative, about 12 kilometres from our gites at Le Clos des Guyons and a  real must visit for our guests during their holiday!  The tour begins with a large, twelfth century vaulted cellar and from there it continues in the maze of 100 kms of underground galleries. Indeed an underground ‘safari’ and great place to visit, taste and buy wines of the region.

And now a change! If you did not know – everyone is talking about their new brand name of “Robert et Marcel”.

Initially we thought why would they want to call a Cooperative Cave Robert and Marcel but apparently the reason for the new name is that Robert and Marcel Neau  were the names of the founding Chairman and Director back in 1957 and…

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Wine Touring the Northern Rhône Valley

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Booking a tourist trip in a foreign country with 48 hours notice can be hit and miss. Luckily on this occasion a) we were in France b) I can say ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘how much?’ in French and c) it turned out to be the best. Yep, our quest to find a less-touristy, more Frenchy wine tour of the Rhône Valley definitely paid off. Kudos to the website for including an ‘off the beaten track’ tagline. You sold me there.

1901440_10151972498774013_1816879097_nI knew it was going to  run smoothly the minute the minibus picked us up from our hotel in Lyon right on time. We made nine – eight plus our guide, a French gentleman so debonair he made my heart melt. It turned out that was the max for each tour, which, for someone whose been on tourist coaches of sixty people, made me happy.


We stopped in Vienne on…

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Do you know of any small group wine tasting tours?

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The answer is there are very few, but we have found a really good one for you and I have posted further details below

Also, here is some official information from French tourism that gives lots of tips on the French Wine Regions at Rendezvous France

Vineyards Vineyards

This is the tour we found

Small Group France Food and Wine Tour

We found this and thanks to them at BestValueTours

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A Hidden Gem: Los Olivos, CA

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I came across an article about weekend trips around Los Angeles.  I had never heard of Los Olivos, CA but was interested because it was described as a smaller Napa-like experience, but less pretentious.

Los Olivos is in the Central Coast of CA, around 3 hours from LA. We did not stay the night there but stopped by after spending time in Santa Maria and Santa Barbara. It would be perfect for a weekend get-a-way, or if you’re on a road trip, stop by for a couple hours.

When turning down the main street, I was instantly in love.  Park along the road and all the wineries, cafes and tastings rooms line the main road & it’s all walkable!  All the buildings were cute and rustic with beautiful flowers everywhere.  frameShareFile 2


We were on our way back to LA so we did not have too much time to spend.  We decided…

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Yea I’m like 7 months late on this one, but much like the wine served at the reception, it gets better with time! So the hardest part about shooting a wedding at a vineyard is not being able to drink that wine the whole time! But I stuck with water and kept the pictures in focus, so here we are. Renee and Adam had such a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding! I’ve known Renee since my college days, so by all logic she should have thought “that scruffy enginerd with the long hair is gonna shoot my wedding?!” but after I took this billboard-worthy photo of her in 2008, I think she was convinced. We started things off with a first look amongst the vines before hopping aboard the grape train! From there, it was a glorious combination of hills, rivers, and corn fields before heading back for the ceremony. It makes me…

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Drinking: A profile of one of the world’s best wines, Brunello di Montalcino

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Brunello 2

An Italian Barber I used to get my hair-cut from would always tell me “There is nothing that red wine cannot fix,” and the more I live, the more I discover those words to be true. So, in keeping with Mario’s word’s of wisdom today we’ll be giving you a flash course on one of Italy’s finest wines: Brunello Di Montalcino.

Along with Barolos and Barbarescos, Brunellos are considered to be one of the “Great Growths” in regards to Italian wines. So while it’s no secret that a bottle of Brunello di Montalcino is one of Italy’s most famous and prestigious wines, many new wine enthusiasts may not know some of the context that makes this wine so great.

The most distinct characteristic of a Brunello is of course the terroir, or the complete natural environment in which a wine is produced. All Brunello’s must be made from 100% Sangiovese…

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Wine Expo 2014 in Helsinki – Champagne tasting hour

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Champagne tasting - reijosfood.com

Wine Expo (Viini Expo) is arranged every two years in Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre. When noticed there would be opportunity for champagne tasting on Friday, signed up right away.

Tasting event was guided by AndreasLarsson, BestSommelierof the World2007 and Finnish EssiAvellan,MW. EssiAvellanspecializes inchampagnes.Herappreciation reflects in the fact that she veryrecently appeared inChristie‘s world encyclopedia ofchampagne &sparkling wine book. To do the revision of the third edition, writer Tom Stevenson chose Essi Avellan, the second person from the Nordic countries to gain the coveted Master of Wine qualification. http://www.essiavellan.com/.

Tasted champagnes and short notes:

Champagnes - reijosfood.com

Ayala Brut Nature (NV)

Really dry, no sugar (zero dosage), 50% Pinot Noir grape – because of dryness and amount of PN grape, bouquet and palate not in balance, even disturbing (would not buy)

Overall grade: 2,5/5

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